Skechers® Women’s Golf Shoes

Skechers manufacturer and designs athletic footwear; these shoes are made for specific needs in different sports types.

We often increase our chances of injury and discomfort when we wear shoes not designed for a specific sport type. Therefore a good pair of golf shoes will help you keep comfortable, stay protected, and generally perform better when playing Golf as a beginner or professional.

The Benefits of a Golf Shoe

  • Sturdiness – Most Golf shoes have a wide track rubber sole, making them much more sturdy in general and slip-resistant on the grass. The materials used in Golf shoes allow them to be quite firm and supportive yet still flexible enough to allow for movement in this sport. A good Golf shoe will ensure you have solid and stable arch support, which is not often a feature offered by other athletic shoe types.
  • Support and Comfort – Most Golf shoes have additional padding for better support and shock absorbency, particularly in the midfoot area. Midfoot support is quite important when you drive the ball because a Golfer ends the stroke on the balls of their feet. Usually, Golf shoes are made out of supple and moldable leather, ensuring a supportive and adaptable fit.
  • Breathability – Golf shoes need to be made out of materials that increase breathability to prevent sweating and keep your feet cool. In the case of a waterproof or water-resistant Gold shoe, Gore-tex linings are mostly used because of their ability to breathe and allow sweat and vapor out while still keeping liquids from entering your shoes. Many Golf shoes have a polyurethane footbed with technology to soak up moisture and keep your feet warm or cool.

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

  • Spiked – Spiked Golf Shoes improve your grip when you walk and help with quick turns when you strike the ball. The Detachable twist spikes that you get on the outsole also help Golfers maintain traction on various Gold surface areas. You can get either metal or plastic spikes, although plastic is better if you do not want to ruin the greens. The spikes likewise improve stability and overall support.
  • Spikeless – Spikeless Golf shoes are more beneficial to the greens than the Golfer overall, they do not ruin the grass but do not offer as much comfort and stability as their Spiked brother. On the other hand, the small rubber lugs on the bottom of most spikeless Golf Shoes can also provide good grip and traction, although this is more relevant to flat surfaces and dry conditions.

In the end, as you can see, the Spiked Golf shoe offers a better grip and more stability than the non-Spiked Gold shoe, although the Spiked Golf shoe can be damaging to the greens, and many Golf Clubs may not allow them.

Plastic Spikes, however, are your best option to get the best of both worlds when it comes to stability and grip for the Golfer and protecting the greens of the Golf Club.
All in all, the choice is up to you; some Golfer even prefers a Spikeless Golf Shoe, while others swear by their spikes. So, in the end, it boils down to what is most comfortable and reliable for you personally.

Features of a Good Skechers Golf Shoe

Women's Golf Shoe by Skechers®

  • Spikes – Spiked or Spikeless, or Bladed rubber outsole, are the three options you can choose from in a Golf shoe. The Spikeless or Bladed rubber outsole type is most acceptable in all Golf Clubs, although the steel spikes outsole gives the best grip.
  • Fit – Look for a fit that is relaxed and comfortable with a roomy toe area in which you can easily spread your toes out.
  • Cushioning – Cushioning in the footbed and midsole offers shock absorbency and comfort, which is much desired. Skechers shoe models offer a range from Air Cooled Memory foam to 5GEn cushioning and High rebound Goga Mat cushioning systems, along with a shock-absorbing foam midsole.
  • Water Resistance – Water resistance is great yet not entirely necessary, and Skechers offers some water-resistant Golf Shoe Models.
  • Upper Materialss – Look for durable and breathable uppers materials such as perforated leather or synthetic and mesh design uppers.

Reviews: The Best Skechers Golf Shoes

Below are some of the best choices in Skechers shoe models that can be used for Playing Golf;

Reviewed by: David Alegeta Score: 97

A casual and Relaxed fit style Gold shoe from Skechers that is comfortable and water-resistant.
  • Textile and synthetic upper design that is lightweight and water-resistant.
  • Features a Go Walk Outsole that is spikeless.
  • Extra width in the toe box with a relaxed fit design.
  • Durable and slip-resistant synthetic outsole.
  • Available in three two-tone color variations.

This is also a relaxed fit, comfortable and feminine styled spikeless gold shoe for the ladies.
  • Textile and synthetic leather uppers for support and breathability.
  • A wide toe box and relaxed fit design.
  • Features the popular GOGA Max comfort insole.
  • Very lightweight and water-resistant uppers.
  • Durable synthetic sole.
  • Available in a Navy and Pink, Black and White, or Solid white color selection.

A more supportive spiked Golf shoe from Skechers with a Canvas and mesh upper design is lightweight and breathable.
  • 100% canvas Upper design.
  • Durable spiked rubber outsole for better grip.
  • 5Gen Cushioning for lightweight response and bounce back.
  • A Goga Max technology comfort insole.
  • Completely water-resistant canvas design.
  • Available in a few color variations.

A cooling technology Golf shoe from Skechers with a lightweight Cloudfoam comfort sock liner and Puremotion outsole.
  • Lightweight textile and synthetic uppers with mesh for breathability.
  • Features a Ventilated Climacool and FilmFrame polyurethane lateral stability weld inside the midfoot area.
  • A lightweight Cloudfoam sock liner with soft-touch lining for comfort.
  • The durable Puremotion outsole is flexible and offers superb traction.

The Elite Ace is a stylish and elegant women’s Golf shoe for avid players and professionals.
  • Durable and lightweight textile Jacquard design uppers.
  • Completely waterproof, design, that is however still breathable.
  • A durable and slip-resistant rubber outsole.
  • Goga Max insole for comfort and support.
  • The rubber outsole also has a TPU high grip design to prevent slips on wet greens.

A blade spike Golf shoe, the Go Golf Blade is the perfect shoe for professionals and intermediate players, as well as beginners looking to advance at their game.
  • Durable synthetic leather uppers with ventilating mesh inserts to keep your feet cool and dry.
  • A Low Drop design midsole.
  • Goga Matrix cushioned outsole design for shock absorbency and cushioning.
  • A High-performance Resamax cushioned insole for comfort.
  • Durable rubber outsole with blade lugs for better grip and stability.

A spikeless Golf shoe with a shiny metallic finish and Ultra Light Foam cushioning.
  • Shiny metallic leather uppers that are completely waterproof.
  • Spikeless durable rubber outsole.
  • Ultra Light Flytefoam cushioning.
  • Spikeless and lightweight design.

Long-lasting and soft Nubuck leather Golf shoe from Skechers with a non-marking sole.
  • Made from 100% pure Nubuck leather that is soft and supple.
  • Breathable and lightweight design.
  • Flexible sole with a non-marking outsole.
  • Spikeless design.

A leather and textile Golf shoe, the Max Mojo will improve your performance and give you all-day comfort.
  • Durable and breathable leather and textile uppers.
  • Completely water-resistant and durable.
  • Ultralight cushioning and a shock-absorbing midsole.
  • Spikeless rubber outsole.

The Skechers 600 Spikeless Golf Sandal is ideal for those very hot summer days on the greens.
  • Sandal design with slingback and adjustable straps.
  • A Spikeless durable grip TPU outsole.
  • There is also 5Gen Cushioning that is highly responsive and lightweight.
  • The Goga Max insole delivers even more high rebound cushioning and support.

The Eagle is another Superb Spikeless Golf Shoe that is safe and acceptable on all greens.
  • Soft and breathable textile and synthetic uppers.
  • A durable and spikeless high grip rubber outsole.
  • Water-resistant materials to keep you dry.
  • There is 5Gen foam cushioning in the sole for comfort and support.

We have the Kids Finesse Spiked Golf shoe available in Big Kid sizes for young ladies or older ladies with little feet.
  • Synthetic leather uppers are breathable and durable.
  • Replaceable soft and green, safe spikes.
  • Waterproof lining for ultimate protection.
  • A Double rubber outsole for extra durability and a cushioned insole.

Index Table: Top Rated Skechers Golf Shoes

1Skechers Women's Go Walk Aport - Relaxed Fit Golf Shoe
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
2Skechers Women's Max - Casual Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
3Skechers Performance Women's Golf Elite 3 - Canvas and mesh Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Canvas Uppers
Skechers Performance98
4Skechers Women's Clima Cool Cage - Golf Shoe
  • Clima Cool Technology
  • Lightweight
5Skechers Go Golf Women's Max Ultra - Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
Skechers Go Golf97
6Skechers Women's Go Golf Blade - Golf Shoe
  • Lightweight
  • Goga Matrix Cushioning
  • Low Drop Midsole
7Skechers Women's Drive - Golf Shoes
  • Spikeless
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
8Skechers Women's Gratis Going Places - Golf Shoes
  • Breathable
  • Flexible Sole
9Skechers Women's Max Mojo - Spikeless Golf Shoes
  • Cushioned
  • Spikeless
  • Water Resistant
10Skechers Women's 600 Spikeless - Golf Sandals
  • Lightweight
  • Goga Max Insole
12Skechers Women's Eagle - Spikeless Golf Shoes
  • 5-Gen Foam
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Water Resistant
13Skechers Girl's Finesse - Spiked Golf Shoes
  • Waterproof
  • Spiked
  • Big Kid Fit

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