Best Shoes for Orthotics

People who suffer from chronic foot conditions, deformities, or have issues with walking or standing will most likely need some sort of foot orthotics.

Orthotic inserts are easy to insert and fit most shoes, although other orthotic devices require a more specialized or customized shoe type.

The Purpose of Orthotics

  • Control the movement of foot in particular direction
  • Help in guiding the movement of the foot in general
  • Reduce the forces that bear weight for a specific reason
  • Help in recovery from fractures after removing plaster
  • Correct the functioning or shape of the foot by reducing pain or improving capability

Different Types of Orthotics

There are 3 main types of orthotics;

1. Functional orthotics – Designed specifically to accommodate and support abnormal foot biomechanics such as preventing abnormal pronation and reducing the impact load on the feet when walking or running.

The support system in a functional orthotic aids in supporting the rearfoot or sub-Taylor joints and the midfoot or midtarsal joints, which stabilize the foot to prevent repetitive overuse injuries and correct many foot deformities.

2. Accommodative orthotics – Used to relieve mild foot pain and less severe foot problems. Accommodative orthotics are very popular in using to correct biomechanical issues in young children and infants.

Splints, gait plates, and night bars are all examples of accommodative orthotics that promote corrective adjustment.

3. Braces – are also popular accommodative orthotics used to correct foot, hip, or leg abnormalities and hip rotation problems in small children and infants.

Orthotics come in three different styles;

  • Customized, where they are made specifically for the needs and requirements of a single person.
  • Heat mouldable where they mold to the shape of your foot.
  • Off the shelf insoles for quick buying comfort and support for well-known problems.

What to Look for in a Shoe that Accommodates Orthotics

Orthotics take up quite some space in your shoes even if they are lightweight so when buying shoes for orthotics; you should consider these aspects:

  • They must have some extra space to adjust orthotics.
  • Their toes should be wider and rounder.
  • Their footbed should be a bit deeper.
  • The shoes should have low or flat heel.
  • They should be at least half size larger than your usual shoe size.

It is wise to take your orthotics with you when shoe shopping to make sure that they fit inside the shoe you choose.

Reviews: Top Shoes for Orthotics

We have researched and picked out the best available shoes that accommodate most types of orthotics;

Score: 98.4

The Drew Shoe Rose is a beautiful Mary Jane that can be worn as a dress shoe along with an orthotic device.

  • Soft and supple leather uppers.
  • A durable synthetic outsole that offers a good grip and is slip-resistant.
  • Light padding and breathable construction for a comfortable and lightweight shoe.
  • A stylish and fashionable Mary Jane style dress shoe for any occasion.
  • The double depth allows for the use of orthotics.
  • A soft and supportive midsole.


The Cobb Hill Aria-CH is a soft and flexible shoe that has a perfect design for the use of orthotics.

  • Soft and flexible leather uppers.
  • A stable and durable synthetic outsole with a 1.5-inch heel.
  • A four-inch shaft to give warmth and protection.
  • The lace-up closure allows you to insert orthotics and select a customized fit.
  • A supportive and durable footbed.


Skechers are good quality and popular sports shoes that will give you a comfortable and flexible fit allowing for the use of orthotic devices.

  • Breathable and lightweight synthetic uppers.
  • A durable, flexible, and lightweight outsole that accommodates orthotic inserts.
  • Easy to slip on and off shoes.
  • A soft and comfortable memory foam footbed for all-day support.
  • A trendy looking sneaker that is comfortable enough for everyday wear.


Merrel offers you a fancy dress boot, the Shiloh, that allows you the use of customized orthotics.

  • Breathable mesh lining and leather uppers.
  • A luxurious Remember Me Foam footbed for added comfort.
  • The removable insole allows you to use your own orthotics.
  • A 10-inch opening to easily insert orthotics.
  • The 1.75-inch heel ensures better stability and shock absorption.


The adjustable velcro straps on the Wolky Jewel Sandals make them perfect for wearing with orthotics.

  • A leather upper with straps for an adjustable and orthotic friendly fit.
  • A lightweight and durable rubber outsole that offers excellent grip.
  • A contoured and padded footbed that absorbs shock and ensures all-day comfort and support.
  • This shoe becomes more flexible and increases in size with time, which is a great advantage for the use of orthotics.


A comfortable and stylish looking sandal for everyday wear, you cannot go wrong with the orthotic accomodating Drew Shoe Dora.

  • Leather uppers that are comfortable.
  • The removable cork footbed with memory foam is comfortable and supportive and allows you to use your own orthotics.
  • The adjustable velcro straps allow for a customized fit that accommodates orthotics.
  • A shock-absorbing and durable EVA outsole.
  • The removable footbed gives you double depth inside the shoe that can easily adjust to any orthotic device.


The Arch Crafters’ full-length insole will aid in relieving foot pain and absorbing shock as well as allowing for more natural movement.

  • Manufactured from dual-density EVA for shock absorbency, durability, and flexibility.
  • A leather-like a sock liner ensuring a more comfortable fit.
  • A perfect fit for any custom orthotics.
  • Crafted to relieve heel pain, control abnormal movement, and reduce stress and strain on your lower back and knees.
  • It comes with a foam casting box that goes up to a size 17.


The Vionic Othaheel Action Walker is a flexible shoe with a removable insole to accommodate orthotics.

  • A casual a sporty sneaker for everyday wear.
  • Soft and breathable leather uppers with a mesh lining for breathability and a comfortable sock liner.
  • The footbed offers exceptional arch support and has an added heel cup to stabilize your feet.
  • The soft cushioned EVA midsole ensures all-day comfort and support. The durable rubber outsole is flexible and ensures a good grip.
  • An antibacterial treated removable orthotic insole.
  • Water-resistant leather uppers with a casual sporty sneaker style.
  • This is a walking shoe that is also the Best Shoe for Pregnancy.


The Dr. Comfort Paradise is an orthopedic Sneaker style shoe with an adjustable Velcro closure and removable insole design to accommodate the use of your own orthotic devices.

  • Smooth and soft, seamless, and non–binding, leather uppers with an adjustable fit Velcro closure.
  • Removable cushioned insole and extra depth design, allowing you the use of your own orthotics.
  • It is manufactured to stringent medical grade specifications to accommodate foot and health conditions.
  • A non–skid, high traction rubber outsole.


A highly supportive and comfortable athletic shoe that has a removable sockliner option which enables you to use your own orthotic devices.

  • Synthetic breathable and lightweight uppers.
  • A rearfoot GEL cushioning system that attenuates shock.
  • Removable Sockliner to accommodate medical orthotics.
  • AHAR outsole for high traction and abrasion resistance.
  • Trail Specific outsole for outdoor walking and running.

Anyone of these shoes will accommodate orthotics perfectly and comfortably.

The added insoles provide comfort and pain relief and give you a more natural motion of the movement, making them a great orthotic device.

Index Table: Best Shoes for Orthotics

1Drew Women's Rose - Mary Jane Dress Shoe for Orthotics
  • Double Depth
  • Slip Resistant Outsole
  • Removable Insole
2Cobb Hill Women's Aria-CH - Shoes for Orthotics
  • Lace up Closure
Cobb Hill94
3Skechers Women's Sport Good Life - Fashion Orthotic Friendly Sneakers
  • Flexible Outsole
  • Memory Foam Footbed
4Merrell Women's Shiloh - Pull on Boot that Accommodates Orthotics
  • Removable Insole
  • 10 Inch Opening
  • Foam Footbed
5Wolky Women's Jewel - Orthotic Friendly sandals
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Stretches with Time
6Drew Women's Dora - Comfortable sandals for Orthotics
  • Removable Footbed
  • Flexible
  • EVA Outsole
7Arch Crafters Women's Full Length - Orthotic Insoles
  • EVA
  • Dual Density
  • Flexible
Arch Crafters96
8Vionic Orthaheel Women's Walker - Walking Shoes for Orthotics
  • EVA Midsole
  • Water resistant
  • Orthaheel Technology
Vionic Orthaheel96
9Dr. Comfort Women's Paradise - Extra Depth Shoes for Orthotics
  • Removable Insole
  • Extra Depth
Dr. Comfort98
10Asics Women's Gel Venture 7 - Orthotic Accommodating Athletic Shoe
  • Gel Cushioning
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Removable Sockliner

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