Asics® Slip Resistant Shoes

Slips and falls are one of the most significant causes of injury and even death today. One of the most likely accidents that individuals performing any activity at any time may experience at some or other stage of their life.

Asics shoes, besides being well known for their popular AHAR high abrasion rubber outsoles, also offer high grip and patterned tread or lug treaded soled shoes, which offer even more grip, particularly for outdoors and wet or slippery surfaces.

Why is Slip Resistance so Important in a Shoe

Slip resistance in any shoe is always essential, yet when it comes to shoes for outdoor, trail walking, running, or slippery work surfaces, a slip-resistant outsole is an absolute must for your safety and comfort.

  • Discomfort – A shoe that does not provide adequate grip can be very uncomfortable as you will slip and slide on slippery surfaces and need much more effort to keep your balance. The strain will be placed on your feet and legs that try to compensate for the slippery surface, and that needs to work extra hard for you to keep your balance.
  • Injuries – Slipping and falling can cause anything from a less severe bump and bruise to more severe broken bones, head injuries, and in limited cases, even death. Besides this, overuse injuries may occur because you are straining to keep your balance.
  • Strain – When a surface is slippery, you need to use all your efforts and muscles to keep you from slipping, which places strain on tendons and muscles and can, in turn, cause pain and discomfort.
  • Less Durable – Most outsoles are made from synthetic materials that are thin and not slip-resistant are also not likely to be very durable or long-lasting. A thick and slip-resistant rubber outsole offers a good grip and long-lasting durability and abrasion resistance.

Who Will Benefit Most from A Slip Resistant Shoe

Well, I would go as far as to say, anyone and everyone, because somewhere when you expect it the least, you will come into contact with a wet and slippery floor surface where you will need that extra grip.

Otherwise, here are a few cases and persons that will benefit greatly from slip-resistant shoes;

Slip resistant outsole shoe by ASICS

  • Nurses and Hospital Workers – Nurses and hospital workers are faced with hard and slippery floors that may become wet and oily at any stage daily and therefore are in dire need of a comfortable and supportive slip resistance shoe that can withstand the impact on hard surfaces and provide good grip.
  • Teachers – Teachers need comfortable shoes and, in some cases, good grip as they are also faced with slippery and wet floor surfaces at some stage.
  • Kitchen Staff – Kitchen staff work on hard floor surfaces that are almost sure to become wet and oily at some stage, which causes an extensive slip and fall risk. Therefore they are most in need of good slip-resistant and comfortable work shoes.
  • Outdoor and Trail Walkers and Runners – Outdoor trails can be wet, slippery, and have many other factors. You will need a specialized lug and slip-resistant outsole that offers excellent grip for all different terrain types.
  • Indoor Sports and Aerobics – Some indoor sport and exercise routines are done on smooth and hard floors. Proper cushioning and shock absorbency is required for support and comfort, along with some grip and traction to prevent slipping.
  • Industrail Workers – Many industrial work environments hold slip and fall hazards, and many companies require that their workers wear slip-resistant shoes for work, amongst other safety features.

Features of a Good Asics Slip Resistant Shoe

Asics Shoe Slip Resistant

  • ,strong>Uppers – Soft and flexible uppers made from mesh with leather inserts for structural stability and breathability. Smooth interior linings that will not cause friction or irritation when running or walking wick away moisture.
  • Support and Cushioning – Goga Mat and Max technology for energy return, cushioning, and shock absorbency. Memory foam or foam, or air-cooled foam insole for cushioning and cooling. Heel clutching system for better stability, ideal for keeping your balance on slippery floors. Trusstic and Guidance systems that enhance your gait efficiency when walking or running. Gel Forefoot and Rearfoot cushioning or Gel Rearfoot cushioning only provides cushioning and shock absorbency, which is difficult for hard and slippery floor surfaces.
  • Outsole – A rubber or AHAR High abrasion-resistant Rubber Outsole with either a patterned or lug trail-specific tread for superior slip resistance.

Reviews: The Best Asics Slip Resistant Shoes


Slip resistant Walking Shoes

The Gel Kayano has a superior cushioned midsole and sports a durable and high traction outsole that is slip-resistant on most surfaces.
  • It has Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel technology cushioning along with a SPEVA Midsole with soft foam cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • The uppers are made from mesh with synthetic insets that are durable and lightweight.
  • A wholly seamless, soft interior that is comfortable and moisture-wicking.
  • The durable rubber outsole offers superb grip and traction.
  • There is an AHAR Outsole for high abrasion resistance.


Slip resistant Trail Walking Shoes

The GT-2000 range is trail-specific shoes from Asics, which offers exceptional slip-resistance capabilities on outdoor surfaces.
  • FlyteFoam and Spevafoam technology offer an excellent platform for cushioning, shock absorbency, and lightweight comfort.
  • The Ortholite sock liner manages moisture and also provides cushioned comfort,
  • There is a Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning that attenuates shock where you need it the most.
  • The lug rubber outsole is trail-specific and therefore offers superior grip on slippery and outdoor surface areas.


Slip Resistant Running Shoes

This is another excellent model from Asics if you look for a good grip and high traction on slippery surfaces.
  • The uppers are manufactured from breathable mesh with durable synthetic overlays to keep you dry and comfortable wherever you are.
  • The removable foam insole and rearfoot gel cushioning system provides comfort, support and attenuates shock in the areas most needed.
  • The Trusstic System reduces the sole unit’s overall weight while retaining the structure and providing lightweight stability.
  • The tongue and collar are padded for even better comfort and fitting.
  • The popular Asics High Abrasion Rubber used on the AHAR tough outsole provides superior durability and traction.


Slip Resistant Trail Shoe

The Alpine range from Asics is another slip-resistant trail-specific design running and walking shoes, ideal for the outdoors.
  • Synthetic breathable and highly durable upper construction.
  • A SPEVA Foam midsole for cushioning and better bounce back and energy return.
  • The outsole has lug patterns and is made from durable high abrasion resistant and slip-resistant rubber for all slippery outdoor terrains.
  • Available in some color options for your selection.
  • Part of the Asics Water Resistant Shoes.


Slip Resistant Running Shoe

A highly cushioned and plush slip-resistant comfort walking and running shoe from Asics.
  • Breathable and lightweight synthetic and mesh uppers are available in some color variations to choose from as you prefer.
  • There is a specialized AmpliFoam Midsole and Rearfoot Gel technology for cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • The Ortholite sock-liner wicks away moisture and keeps your feet cool and comfortable on the inside.
  • A durable and high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole ensures excellent grip and slips resistance.


Slip Resistant Running Shoes

The Asics Gel Quantum 90 is a runic shoe with a durable and lug rubber outsole for slip resistance on roads.
  • The durable rubber sole is an excellent choice for slippery roads and has lug patterns to improve slip resistance.
  • The uppers are light and breathable, as well as durable.
  • There is also a seamless interior design for less friction and cushioned insole.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel cushioning provides added shock absorbency.


Slip Resistant Walking and Running Shoe

The Gel Contend is also a road running shoe that provides superior grip and slips resistance.
  • The Gel Contend 5 is ideal for neutral and overpronation in a running shoe.
  • There are fabric upper and lightweight supportive cushioning with a midfoot cage for stability.
  • Inside is a moisture-managing and cushioned sock-liner and a padded tongue and collar for a snug fit.
  • The lug rubber outsole is perfect for slippery roads.


Slip Resistant Trail Running Shoe

Here we have atrial running shoes for excellent slip resistance on outdoor trails.
  • The Gel Kahana features the popular Gel cushioning for better shock absorbency in the Rearfoot area.
  • A SPEVA foam midsole for shock absorbency and support and the DuaMax support system for better stability.
  • A Trusstic system provides better gait efficiency, e comfortable cushioning.
  • Furthermore, for slip resistance on outdoor trails, the rubber outsole jas reversed lugs for better uphill and downhill traction.

Index Table: Top Rated Asics Slip Resistant Shoes

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Asics® - Slip resistant Walking Shoes Gel Kayano 28 Gel Kayano 28
  • Breathable
  • Rubber Sole
2Asics® - Slip resistant Trail Walking Shoes GT-2000 9 GT-2000 9
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Sockliner
3Asics® - Slip Resistant Running Shoes Gel Venture 8 Gel Venture 8
  • Rubber Sole
  • Gel Cushioning
  • AHAR
4Asics® - Slip Resistant Trail Shoe Alpine Alpine
  • Trail Specific design
  • SpevaFoam Midsole
  • Reverse Lug Rubber Outsole
5Asics® - Slip Resistant Running Shoe Gel Excite 8 Gel Excite 8
  • AmpliFoam Midsole
  • Rubber Outsole
6Asics® - Slip Resistant Running Shoes Gel-Quantum 90 Gel-Quantum 90
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • Gel Cushioning
  • Seamless Uppers
  • Breathable
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Sole
7Asics® - Slip Resistant Walking and Running Shoe Gel Contend 7 Gel Contend 7
  • GEL Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Slip Resistant Sole
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • Amplifoam Midsole
8Asics® - Slip Resistant Trail Running Shoe Gel Kahana 8 Gel Kahana 8
  • Gel Cushioninh
  • Slip Resistant Rubber Trail Specific Sole
  • SPEVA Midsole
  • DuoMax Support

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