Best Brooks® Cross Training Shoes

Brooks is a company that has been in the shoe business for over 100 years.

They produce some of the best running and training shoes among many of the top brands.

Today we will be looking a the best Brooks Cross Training shoes and what they have to offer you.

Why You Need Authentic Cross Training Shoes

A cross-training shoe is not just a regular training shoe or running shoe, it is designed for a more specific sport, so you need to consider specific features.

Some training and even running shoes do make for good cross-training shoes, depending on what your routine includes and the features that the shoes hold.

Any good cross-training shoe is well designed to handle a more extensive range of physical activities.

Overall a cross-training shoe is more a “jack of All trades” shoe than any other, and they can usually also be used for playing a variety of sports in turn.

Choosing a Cross Training Shoe

Cross-training shoes are continually becoming more and more popular among athletes and other trainers. They are designed to be very versatile, and while the term cross-training may seem new to you, it actually dates back to the 1980s.
Brooks Glycerin

  • Good Heel Support – The heel construction of a shoe for cross-training is one of the construction features that completely defines them from the rest. You will need outstanding heel support in cross-training shoes for any routines. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), High Abrasion Rubber, and EVA Foam can be used in the heel and a layer on the sole. Cross-training shoes will generally have more of a midsole than most shoes for grip for rope climbing and good shock absorbency.
  • The Outer Construction – So now that you have a shoe with a firm base, the outer construction is the next and most important feature of any good cross-training shoe. Most good cross-training shoes will have multiple layers on their outer construction to increase durability and resiliency when stretching out and be more flexible and durable for things like jumps and climbing. Materials popular in cross-training shoes include Synthetic mesh, Textured rubber, Flex weave materials or fly knit, Cordura, Dyneema, Nylon, and other cloth or synthetic blends.
  • Technologies – Most Cross Training shoes offer some technology to provide a specific response or purpose and for breathability and durability. Much of the actual weaves and knits used in the upper materials such as Flex weave and fly knit constructions improve flexibility and durability,

Features of a Good Brooks Shoe for Cross Training

These are some of the main features that the Brooks Cross-Training shoe ranges will offer you;

  • Uppers – The uppers of most Brooks shoes consist of mesh and synthetic materials that create a comfortable and breathable feel. There may also be an interior moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry. Some models have Fly Knit uppers that are much more flexible.
  • Fit – Depending on the model, Brooks shoes offer either a sock-like fit with a snug bootie inner or a more roomy fit design and wide toe room. There are also width options available for some models of Brooks Cross Training shoes.
  • Midsole and Cushioning – Depending on the Brooks model, you may have the DNA Loft midsole, which is very plush, or the Bio Mo Go DNA midsole which offers firmer cushioning. Some models also come with segmented crash pads for shock absorbency or a Rollbar for stability and motion control. The insole offers light underfoot cushioning.
  • Outsole – The outsole of all Brooks shoes consists of durable rubber and offers the best traction. Depending on the model, the tread may differ in patterns and design, such as the updated arrow point patterns for the outsole.
  • Options – Brooks Cross Training shoes do offer options in color, size and width mainly.

Reviews: The Best Brooks Shoes for Cross Training

Below are some of the favorite choices in Brooks shoe models that are all ideal for cross-training;


Shoes for Cross Training

  • The Brooks Revel 5 is a great shoe option for Cross Training.
  • The uppers are flat knit on design and very breathable.
  • There is a balanced BioMoGo DNA cushioned midsole.
  • The outsole is high traction and durable rubber.
  • You can also pick from a few available colors.


Cross Training Shoe

  • The Ghost 13 from Brooks ensures excellent cushioning and durability for cross-training.
  • The uppers are a newly engineered mesh with 3D prints.
  • The midsole offers balanced and soft BioMoGo DNA cushioning.
  • There are also segmented crash pads for improved impact resistance.


Shoe for Cross Training

  • The Brooks Glycerin is an ideal choice for running and cross-training.
  • It has a more plus and soft DNA Loft underfoot cushioning system.
  • The uppers are engineered mesh and offer a bootie snug fit.
  • The outsole is a durable rubber.
  • This shoe is ideal for neutral support and comfort.


Shoe for Cross Training

  • The Brooks Levitate 4 is a running shoe that can also be used for cross-training purposes.
  • It has Fit Knit uppers for a lightweight and softer snug fit.
  • There is an updated arrow pint pattern on the tread of the outsole for faster heel-to-toe transitioning.
  • For cushioning, you have energizing DNA and AMP midsole technology that will help to fight foot fatigue and absorb impact from your feet.


Cross Training Shoe

  • The Brooks Launch 8 offers a more lightweight option for cross-training.
  • It has very lightweight BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning and a more breathable mesh upper with a one-piece sleek fit.
  • There is added blown rubber in the forefoot to help you with running.
  • You can also choose from a few available color options to suit your fashion preferences.


Motion Control Shoe for Cross Training

  • The Brooks Addiction 14 has soft cushioning and is a comfortable fit for cross-training.
  • There is a BioMoGo DNA technology midsole, and it has a progressive Rollbar for stability.
  • This shoe offers exceptional arch support and motion control for persons that tend to Overpronate and require this type of support and arch support.
  • The sole is a durable and high traction rubber, and the uppers are extra roomy so that you can enjoy a more spacious and comfortable fit.

Index Table: Top Rated Brooks Shoes for Cross Training

No.ShoeMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Brooks® - Shoes for Cross Training Revel 5 Revel 5
  • Bio Mo Go DNA Midsole
  • Secure Fit
  • Inner Bootie
2Brooks® - Cross Training Shoe Ghost 14 Ghost 13
  • DNA Loft Cushioning
  • 3D Fit Print
  • Segmented Crash Pads
3Brooks® - Shoe for Cross Training Glycerin 19 Glycerin 19
  • Neutral Support
  • Diabetic Shoe
  • DNA Loft Midsole
  • Plush Fit
4Brooks® - Shoe for Cross Training Levitate 4 Levitate 4
  • DNA AMP Midsole
  • Energized Cushioning
  • Sock Like Fit
5Brooks® - Cross Training Shoe Launch 8 Launch 8
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Bio Mo Go DNA Midsole
  • Midfoot Transition Zone
6Brooks® - Motion Control Shoe for Cross Training Addiction 14 Addiction 14
  • Bio Mo Go DNA
  • Rollbar for Motion Control
  • Wider Fit

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