Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition when the fascia under the foot gets inflamed or injured, it usually takes about 6 months to heal from plantar fasciitis, during that time you need to manage this pain effectively, and a good insoles that are designed for this condition can speed up the healing process as well as ease much of the pain coming from the bottom of your foot and heel.

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

Top Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis


The perfect insoles for those who do quite a bit of walking and are on their feet most of the time.

  • Recommended by a podiatrist, these insoles offer the most comfort and arch support for anyone who wants a snug and comfortable fitting shoe.
  • These insoles provide the best arch support to individuals with a high arch or an arch that collapses during motion.
  • This insole has many benefits; it helps prevent pain in the hip, knee, and ankle areas as well as giving you dramatic results after a week of using the insoles.


This insole is most advantageous in low and mid-volume shoes, for individuals with a low arch, and for footwear with non-removable insoles.

  • This insole will greatly enhance a flat mid-sole in any shoe.
  • It also helps balance the foot because of its unique shape and the heel cup, along with the foam, giving comfort and support to your feet.
  • The insole fits almost any type, size, and brand of footwear.
  • The natural coating helps reduce odor-causing bacteria. Overall an insole that is very safe to use as it is latex free and no preservatives were used in the manufacturing of the insole.


If you have flat feet, this is the right insole for you as it provides excellent arch support helping to minimize over-pronation in those who are susceptible to the condition.

  • Designed with air chambers which absorb strong impact.
  • Your feet stay aligned and balanced with this insole, which also helps to prevent plantar fasciitis because of it’s nylon plate.
  • Constructed with exclusive Airr technology, designed to help you survive activities that cause strain on your feet.
  • It also provides pain relief when you wear ill-fitting footwear.
  • You can slip it inside any shoe to help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis.


If you have any of the following foot conditions; flat feet, splints in the shins, flat foot, ankle pain, over-pronation, heel spurs, aching legs, and metatarsal GIA, this is the perfect insole for you.

  • The contoured design helps to eliminate pain by aiding the foot in function and moving correctly.
  • You do not have to worry about wearing this insole for the whole day as it has antimicrobial properties and is breathable.
  • The insole can be trimmed to fit comfortably in any shoe; thousands of satisfied users will attest to the comfort this insole provides. Thousands of satisfied users attested that this insole provides the best comfort features.


This insole was designed specifically to address plantar fasciitis. Thus it is recognized as one of the treatment methods for this foot condition.

  • This Insole combines impact cushioning and arch support to provide excellent pain relief.
  • Since podiatrists had an inset in the design of this insole, it has shown excellent results and will give you the best pain relief and comfort.
  • The fabric used to manufacture the insole has antimicrobial properties that help fight odor-causing bacteria, enabling you to wear this insole for an extended period. The insole can be trimmed to fit any shoe type or size.
  • An insole that will make a huge difference to the comfort levels of your shoes.

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